Download SVG Libary Of Designs

If you see a Download in the eps files and not in the SVG files, feel free to click the eps file to  purchase!

And send a email to me at and I will Gladly send it to you in SVG format!

Did you know, you do not need rhinestone software to cut your own templates?

I can create eps and svg files for you to send straight to your own cutter!

Or I can Create the Custom or any Design I have here on my website for you as a

Template in flock and send it to you.

After you have added all of the designs you like to your shopping cart and have paid,

Your Design will be in your History area of your Account here on the Website.

A few files are larger and need to be sent but the item will say

this in the Details 99% are instant downloads.

The design files that you download from this site can be used on any

garment for personal or commercial use.

If there are designs or sayings you want that you don't see,

please send me a email and

i will gladly create them and put them on my site for sale.

If you want a custom design for you to use exclusively.

Please email me at

I would be happy to work with your design and send it to

you and only you at an additional fee.

You would then hold the copyright to that design file and I would

never offer it for use or sale to anyone else.

However, the files in my Download Library and elsewhere on this

website cannot be resold or

shared as a file or image or marketed as such. I hold the copyright

to each and every one of my designs.

If you need any Custom Transfers made please let us give you a Quote.


After you have added all of the designs you like to your

shopping cart and have paid,

you will receive an email , come back to the Website,

go to your account and your History area,

Your downloads sit in your History Area. Download your 

Designs as soon as you can.

If I refund shipping to you, it will lock your Downloads,

I give 2 days before I refund shipping for that purpose.

You will be able to Download your Download 2 times.

Make sure you Software works with Large Downloads before you

Purchase or you have

the Software to break them apart to use in your Software like DE, Sil and Make the Cut.

Download files are non refundable as it is a instant purchase, Please make sure you have

the Software to read eps svg files before purchase.


There are a few cases where my firewall and yours

may not work well together, and if after you have followd

the instructions if you do not see your

downloads please send me amail and i will send

them to you as soon as I can.

Any Downloads you purchase from are the property of you have purchased the right to use them

on Garments or finished products personal and commerical..

If you ever have a question as to what you can and cannot use them

on please send me a email and i will be happy to Clarify it for you.

You can not resell , trade or give the file away, you also can not create

Templates to sell or Transfers/Motifs to sell of my Designs.

You can sell the Finished Garment or product on websites, facebook, etsy,

ebay and your choice of where you want to sell.

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