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If you need a Custom Rhinestone Template or Rhinestone Transfer made, you have come to the Right Place!

I will quote you from your own artwork, or Artwork I have created for you.

My completed Templates start at $40.00 and go up depending on design time and work involved to create a Custom Template for you.

Please send your artwork or ideas in a jpg or eps format to if you do not have a Vector file of your art work we can do that work for you also.

  1.Send the file

  2. What size would  you like the design

  3. What size of stones and colors of stones

  4. If you have multi colors or sizes of stoned do you want them on one template or a Set of

      or a Set.          

If you have a vinyl cutter or an engraver I can also Create a Download file for you and send it to you so that you can cut the design yourself.

Check out my files to Download in my (Download Design Library.)in eps and svg format.

They are ready to cut; just download them and send them to your cutter.

No Rhinestone design knowledge or software needed

We offer custom  designs for your logo, pictures, or artwork. The artwork submitted must be your own or you must have permission to use it. We here at assume our customers have the rights for usage on all trademarked and/or copyrighted logos and designs submitted to us. We will assume no responsibility in any trademark or copyright infringement disputes. By purchasing from us the customer agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us for trademark or copyright infringements.

I love what I do and I do what I love!  Thanks to all of you!

If you can dream it, I can sparkle it!

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